Proelium was founded in 2017 by singer-songwriter Jake Russell and guitar player Darius Yeager.  Together they started playing the open mic nights at The Stone Church Music Club in Newmarket, NH.  From there they added drummer Hunter Bolduc, bass player Leo Ganley, and guitar player John Sardella.

Due to creative differnces Sardella and Bolduc were removed from the band.

Leo Ganley moved to the rhythm guitar slot with Nick Bajger taking over on bass.  At that point the band acquired drummer Ed McPherson.

After a time Leo Ganley had left for a time to focus on himself and his own work with nothing but love from the rest of the band.

From that point on the music has never stopped.  Playing catchy and energetic metal core this is a band you don't want to miss.

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Fri 3/22 @ 9:00PM (Doors: 6:00PM )
21 and up