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Chris Basile joined the band Mortuary along with Terrence Hobbs, Doug Cerrito and Mike Smith, all of Suffocation. Together over 30 songs were written by the band and many of the songs and riffs written during this time appear on both Pyrexia and Suffocations early releases leading to many comparisons. Pyrexia continued to release one seminal release after another including their 1997 “System of the Animal”, and even teaming up with Trevor Peres of Obituary in 1999 to form the band “Catastrophic” which went on to release their debut album on Metal Blade records. In 2007 the band signed with Unique Leader records and began an extensive campaign of touring and performing both in America and overseas in support of the next three albums released under the UL moniker that continues today. With the addition of Gravitas Entertainment and Management as full time management for the band, the schedule and team in place for 2022 has the band set for new heights!


Malignancy is a Yonkers, NY based death/grind band founded by Danny Nelson and Javier Velez in February of 1992. In April of 1993, Malignancy was ready to make their mark in the death metal community. They have been on countless huge festivals such as Full Terror Assault and have thrilled the masses for three decades. MALIGNANCY has just commemorate their 30 years as a band and are ready to hit the road again to celebrate the upcoming release of Malignancy Future EP, which will be released on October 11th!


Circa 2017, GOG is a Death / Doom Metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Consisting of members of Phantom Glue, Black Mass, Garroted, and Wodar.

GOG has released their 5-track debut self-titled EP on April 23rd 2021, and are working on the follow up

“They take death/doom as the groundwork for their music, and then build their hellish soundscape from there. If you want something different to stir up the monotony of the same kind of death/doom everyday, give GOG a spin.” – Rare Metal Rarities


We are a brutal death metal band formed in 2020 and based out of Manchester NH. Our style is similar to death metal bands from the late 90s to early 2000s but with a few modern twists. Our biggest influences are Dying Fetus and Suffocation.